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Holy Podcast | Season 2 – Episódio 1

Welcome to the first episode of Holy Podcast, where we dwell in the depths of personal branding, spiritual development and consciousness evolution. I’m your host, Susana Cristina, and today we’re going to start right away by exploring the transformative power of systemic consciousness in healing personal branding disorders.

So join me today because today we are uncovering practical strategies to overcome the inability to receive the exclusion principle and the disrespecting hierarchy disorders in our personal brand journey.

So Bert Hellinger discusses three main disorders that disrupt family and systemic dynamics. The first disorder is exclusion, the second disorder is disrespecting hierarchy and the third disorder is the inability to receive.


So the first disorder as exclusion is where individuals deny or judge something or someone, denying that it has happened to them, causing emotional and physical disruption. What that means? It means that there’s a disconnection from the system that affects an individual or a part of that system and that creates a disruption in the emotional linkage and in the physical movement inside of the system.

So that happens many times for judgments or actions that set someone out of the system, set someone out of the sense of belonging. The second disorder is disrespecting a hierarchy and here we know that all systems they have a primal order, they have an original order, an original matrix and that order is made, it is designed by the order of a rival of each one of the elements.

When we disrespect the hierarchy by putting ourselves above those who came before us, we create this disharmony. The third disorder is the inability to receive and that one is for sure quite clear on personal branding and on business mindset.

Here individuals struggle to be humble, I know this word hurts or my hurt. But they struggle to be humble and they struggle to accept what life and what relationships have to offer them. This probably comes from unmet needs in our childhood and often is resulting in feelings of abandonment or not receiving enough.

And this disorder can limit one’s ability to fully receive what lives have to offer and leading us to feelings of being shortchanged and dissatisfaction. So, these disorders interfere in very aspects of our lives, affecting two our personal brands in numerous, numerous ways.

In the context of personal branding, these concepts brought by Bert Hellinger regarding these three disorders, the inability to receive, exclusion and disrespecting a hierarchy, can offer valuable insights into building, managing and expanding one’s personal brand.

So let’s dive in a little bit more:


Excluding certain aspects of oneself or denying experiences can also be detrimental to personal branding. I noticed that in my experience that we all have this inner matrix, this inner constellation of parts.

And what happened, it is this matrix where it is based our integrity and that originates our root. singularity, our authenticity is many times the point of negotiation.

Many times we go to a system and here we’re going to talk about our professional markets and we tend to exclude or hide or negotiate parts of ourselves that in some way are holding parts of our own identity, of our history, of our experiences. This parts, they’ve been contributing to our singularity in so many ways and when we do this, when we negotiate, when we exclude a part of ourselves from our communication, from our brands, what happens is that this amazing and differentiated key that is your personality, that is your individual and memorable communication voice, you just cut this from your frequency and you cut this from your presence so that just lowers the special quality that only you bring.

This it’s very detrimental to your personal brand: every time you are not negotiating your authenticity, when you embrace all aspects of yours identity and and you bring even the challenging parts – the ones that bring you more trouble the ones that it’s even more challenge for you to accept, you are contributing to a much more compelling and relatable personal brand.


Regarding a hierarchy disrespecting hierarchy in personal branding this can means that we are not acknowledging and not honoring those who came before.

Richard Rudd from Gen Keys uses an expression that I love that is “honor the source”: you need to honor the source and honor the source regarding our brands it is this ability for us to honor all the ones that are being feeding our markets and that gave nutrition to our development and the development and growth of our brands, our methodologies, our tecnical and human competencies.

We can talk about mentors. We can talk about our friends network. We can talk about competitors. We can talk about influencers. We can talk about all the industry leaders that already were on the market, before we arrived.

They paved the way for us that we arrived after could continue to do our work. So we need to learn to honor the contributions of others. And sometimes I listen to this kind of dialogues. Like “I thank myself”.

And obviously there’s a huge part and a huge responsibility on our success on our own choices and our own contributions. And that is so important that we value that. At the same time, this is not exclude the contributions of others, that they bring in some way value to our own path.

So when we do this, sometimes what we are doing again, it is that we are attempting to place ourselves above them, and this creates a damage in our personal brand field, a leak. Because showing respect and showing gratitude towards those who have designed the way for us to today do what we choose to do, can actually enhance credibility and reputation in the eyes of your own audience, because, you know, nobody learns alone, nobody grows alone.

And when we are able to acknowledge the teachers that come before us, when we are able to inform our own electric system of the value of all the outer impulses, electric impulses that coming from outside, that charge our own field and be grateful for that, something really magical can happen.

Because, again, after you, other ones will come, and you don’t want to be forgiven, you don’t want to be excluded, and you want that this sense of respect and gratitude follows and flows through your system too.


The inability to receive is the third disorder, and we know that we are able to do that. And normally when we think about this receiving, we go immediately to this sense of prosperity and abundance and wealth.

And it is true, of course, it is very connected with our ability to receive money and to generate abundance. But here I would like to focus a little bit in this sense of our inability sometimes to receive that comes from this sense of or not being worth it of receive or not be humble enough to acknowledge the contributions of others to again a little bit like similar like the hierarchy.

People who have difficulty in receiving, they have a hard time being humble and placing themselves in a position of the receiver. One of the archetypes that I really do love when we are talking about these inner dynamics in our brands is the beggar.

And the superpower of the beggar is this ability of receiving. This ability of setting his hand and putting himself in a body position that is humble to receive whatever he will or the universe will want him to receive.

So this openness, this place of openness and humbleness creates a place for miracles. And many of these people that are being known that they are dwelling and managing this inner force of the beggar, many of them they have a capacity of manifestation that comes from this ability, this skill, developed skill of asking, of praying, of being able to tell their truth in the moment that I need help.

“I would be honored with your contribution to my brand. I’m in this moment a little less fulfilled so your help will make me to build a stronger and more authentic brand. “

Those people they normally are receiving an amount of miracles beyond our ability to explain how they do it.”I would be honored with your contribution to my brand. I’m in this moment a little less fulfilled so your help will make me to build a stronger and more authentic brand. Those people they normally are receiving an amount of miracles beyond our ability to explain how they do it.

So the beggar is very connected with this idea of not getting enough and this fear of not getting enough, whether it’s love, with his attention or his material possessions. And normally it comes from our relationship with our parents, our mother and our father.

Most of the times, and I’m being observing that on the field, it comes from the mother. So because they felt abandoned or they felt that they didn’t receive what they desired. So this creates this inner pattern of this inability to receive, to limiting the amount of what we can receive from the source.

So I actually Personally, I did struggle a lot since I was kid with water, and water is connected with the mother energy, you know, this font, this source of water, this source of abundance. It never stops the flow, and I do remember since I was very small, very, very young, that I was struggling to drink water.

So it was like I came from the process of when I was suffering from a physical exclusion of my system, and I was in some way learning to limit my ability to receive. So I did that in the smallest things, like drinking water.

So every time I need to work in this awareness of my ability and my worthness to receive, I embody that with the water, my relationship with water. So our inability to receive, it limits our ability to receive fully from life, and fully from our relationships, and lead us to feelings of being shortchanged, and eventually we start to complain about receiving less, and less, and less.

So when we are struggling with this situation, with this circumstances of receiving and giving, all this dance between how we manage our inner resources, how we self -preserve, preserve our resources, how we manage these resources, do we get greedy, do we close ourselves to receive, all of these suggest that we are working with an issue that it can bring to the eye with more clarity, with one constellation, or with this self -reflection on how we learn to met the needs of fully received.

So, as we conclude our initial exploration of these personal branding disorders, I want you to remember that true growth, the true growth of your brand comes directly from within.

And if we are able to embrace what these three orders are asking us to embrace, that is this humility, this ability to be inclusive and to be respectful we are maybe we are paving the way for our personal brand reflect in a more laborated way our authentic selves and resonate more with our audience so we all can be stuck in just one of these disorders this personal branding disorders but could be grappling with multiple layers of challenges with all of these three disorders and this adds depth and complexity to the exploration.

Most of the times there’s not a single cause we our circumstances on the moment: they are a result of multiple multiple layers so we are just as an onion and we need to see each one of these layers as representing a different aspect of our history our our self and we have multiple layers of needs that they are steaming from different stages of our development and they are mirroring the challenges and learning processes along all the different relationships that we lived along our lives so when we explore our personal branding disorders we we understand that all these three disorders they intersect each other and they can even infactuate or exacerbate each other.

For example, someone that is struggling with the inability to receive may also have experience exclusion due to their reluctance to embrace certain expects of themselves. So we need to examine our brands in these intersections so we get a more clear perspective of what is actually in our growth and our brand expansion, what is stagnating our brand.

So obviously we are always talking about different levels of suffering, different levels of traumatic experiences that they are imprinting our brand and they leave lasting imprints in our individual psyche.

that they will influence all the dynamics of ability to receive, of excluding ourselves or have and give ourselves the ability of being part of something bigger than us, and our hierarchical dynamics, our dance with authority and all of this.

It is steam, it is settle in a lot of very early imprints in our psyche. So bringing clarity to this, I really believe that can help us to find guidance and to find inspiration to continue to explore and to continue to open ourselves to heal our personal brand and to clean and purify our brand field for all the potential can be expressed and lived and all your service could achieve all the persons, all the public that really can use it to grow and to expand and to evolve into a better place.

I really hope that this was helpful for you and that is helping you to light up some blind spots in your personal brand and I invite you to join me next time in our next episode as we continue our journey towards personal brand growth, personal brand agony and personal brand liberation.

Until then, remember to embrace the secret within you and let your light shine bright. This is Susan again. next time. Signing off!

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